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When engines run hot, what happens? It's time to stop! Usually this will happen at the worse possible moment, on the way to an important business meeting or when the engine is running an important machine and that machine is responsible for producing products on a vital deadline. To prevent this from happening, make sure you equip the engines in your life with radiators produced by Sanye Radiator. Sanye is a highly experienced manufacturer of a diverse range of radiators with over fifty years of experience. We have developed a massive manufacturing facility which covers an area of nearly 67, 000 square meters, staffed by more than 700 highly trained employees. Our company was previously known as the state-owned Yangzhou Water Tank Factory. Since its founding in 1950, this company has specialized in the development of water tanks. Sanye’s impressive level of experience allows us to produce the highest quality radiators at the most competitive prices, while our mammoth manufacturing facility and huge staff ensures ample production capacity so clients will never be left waiting for a back ordered product. Currently, our plant has established 3 production lines with an annual production capacity of up to 2 million units. Sanye is a market leader in the car radiator industry of China and also an excellent supplier and a business partner of numerous world-renowned companies. We have allocated great investment to the research and development of the most advanced radiators on the market today. Our products have been exported worldwide to the United States, Portugal, Australia, Russia and India, among other countries and regions.

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